Project Albatross

Project Albatross is a first-person puzzle game that places the player as a janitorial robot aboard an abandoned spaceship, the USS Albatross. Due to an unexpected radioactive spill, our hero has been called to action to help clean up areas affected by this unforeseen disaster. Armed with the ability to re-orient gravity, the player must collect glowing garbage cubes in each area while avoiding spikes and space-lava.

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In this Third Person Puzzle-Platformer the player finds themselves in a cold, lonely, colorless world. As the player progresses, they meet up with a colorful friend, who follows the player around and helps them solve puzzles to traverse through the world. The world, puzzles, and music are all purposefully designed to evoke specific emotions in the player as they move through this world, building a connection to their colorful friend. The game is focused on the narrative experience of loneliness in relation to gaining and losing friendship.

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Soul of the Machine

Project Helios is an adventure/puzzle game set in a clockpunk world. A boy and his companion robot will discover they need each other to escape an island of automatons.

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